At Santa Cruz Power Fitness, having a good workout is almost always accompanied by working up a healthy sweat. But what we don’t want you to sweat about at our gym is the cost of your membership.

Our goal is to help you get in the absolute best shape of your life and to continuously help you stay that way. And we don’t want the cost of you being able to do that to be a factor.

So do yourself a favor: Call us today at 831-425- 4653 for this month’s Membership Special. And be prepared to say, “what a deal, you’ve got to be kidding me!”

And that’s not all. We’ll do you one even better than that, if you want. We’ll let you work out for 7 days absolutely free before you sign on the dotted line. Sign up for that here online. Or give us a call. Then put on your sweats and come on over.


3 Months for $25

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