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Classes At Santa Cruz Power Fitness


A 30 minute deep stretching class allowing you to fully engage and elongate muscles.


High Intensity Interval Training to scorch calories, burn fat and tone!

Spin Class

Spin Class at Santa Cruz Power Fitness

60 MINUTES: An intense cardio workout for all fitness levels. Certified instructors will lead you through a range of cycling challenges, allowing you to control your own resistance and speed, as you burn calories and stretch your fitness and endurance.



60 MINUTES: A mixture of different dance-based movements and styles from all over the world. This scintillating class is guaranteed to have you moving and grooving for one intense, fun-filled hour.

Yoga (All Levels)

Yoga - All Levels

60 MINUTES: A cleansing of body, mind, and spirit. Sweat away toxins, let go of your mind, and let your spirit flow. A physically demanding class where you’ll push the limits of your strength and flexibility, and transcend the present.

Step Class

60 MINUTES: Super Cardiovascular workout! Using muscle bands, exercise balls and taught by expert instructors, our three step classes target all components of fitness in multiple ways and are an essential part of any dedicated workout regimen.


Hip Hop Dance Class

60 MINUTES: One of the most fun classes you will ever take, Hip-Hop the class takes the most popular turn-of-the-century pop form, turns up the volume, and gives Santa Cruz Power Fitness members an electrifying 60 minute dance workout.

Glute Camp

Glute Camp

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Pilates Mat/Nueromuscular Rehabilitation

60 MINUTES: An amazing core workout, the Pilates based exercise with a Pilates Fusion  is a system of incorporating breathing awareness, postural control, core muscular strengthening, and spinal alignment techniques to produce the ultimate combination of mental and physical conditioning.

Cardio Kickboxing

60 MINUTES: A high-impact non-contact cardio kickboxing class, it incorporates all the basics of kickboxing, mixed together with cardio interval training.