Santa Cruz Power Fitness

The instructors and personal trainers are fantastic.

Best workout equipment I’ve found anywhere. Super friendly members and staff. I highly recommend Santa Cruz Power Fitness.

Bobby Stagnaro

The Trainers Really Care!

Santa Cruz Power Fitness has helped me become a fitter person by making the trainers highly accessible. The trainers really care about their clients and really take them to the next level; pushing them beyond what they push themselves and offer accountability to keep them coming back to the gym.

Sarah Nielsen

Convenient Location!

The biggest plus for me is its really convenient, its right on two main streets of Ocean and Water. They have great hours. Early enough that I can get in here before work, stay late so I can do stuff after work and still come here and workout afterwards. The staff is really friendly, there like a family like I know all the members up at the counter and they all know me by name and they try and look out for me. They know my goals and are always supporting me to achieve them.

Chris O’Connell

Friendly Employees!

I like the friendly people that work here. This gym gives me what I want. I can get in and get out and anytime I have any questions I can go to anyone of the people that work here and get the answers I’m looking for.


I love taking Denise’s Cardio Kickboxing class.

It’s convenient for me. I work down town so I can just bring my gym clothes in my car and just drive here. It takes me less than five minutes to get here. It’s a community. I love taking Denise’s Cardio Kickboxing class. It’s like it’s a party. She’s got really great music, top 40, hip hop. The energy from the class is really good. Everyone is motivating each other so if I feel like I’m losing it I look at someone else next to me and say “oh. Ok I can keep on going



Santa Cruz Power Fitness