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Kevin Carter


  • 35+ years of experience training and conditioning indoors and outdoors.
  • 20+ years of training clients professionally in Hi-Tech, world-wide.
  • Fitness and Nutrition Coach with TeamBeachBody for 7 years
  • Personal Trainer at Power Fitness 3 years
  • Fitness Manager at Power fitness 1 year

My competitive sports include: Pro AMA road racer, Sport class MTB racer, AMA Expert level Enduro and Hare-scramble off road motorcycle racer, Cat II bicycle racer. My recreational sports include surfing and snowboarding.

I really enjoy helping people learn about nutrition and making a change in their eating habits, whether it’s too loose unwanted weight, increase their muscle mass or get those six pack abs!

I love helping my clients re-gain their flexibility, increase their range of motion, get stronger and add lean muscle mass with weight training. I have personally been through several rehabs with various neck, shoulder and knee injuries and bring first-hand knowledge on how to get back in the game at a competitive level. Let me help you achieve your goals.