• Yoga or Pilates, which is best for you?

    Yoga or Pilates, which is best for you?

    At Santa Cruz Power Fitness, we have a lot of members who go to both Yoga and Pilates classes. That being said, there’s no question that a great many students favor one over the other based on the fundamental difference between the two: Yoga is more for flexibility and Pilates is more for strengthening. That being said, the breathing techniques differ as well. Because Yoga focuses more on the mind, the intent is to foster a state of relaxation, whereas in a Pilates class, the goal of the breathing is to feed the muscles with energy to exercise more effectively. All of that being said, for the vast majority of our members new to Yoga and Pilates, or to one or the other, we encourage them to try both and decide. After all, since all Yoga and Pilates classes are free at Santa Cruz Power Fitness, why not try both?

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