Forget everything you’ve heard and read about Santa Cruz Power Fitness until now. This is a new gym under new ownership and, as of this week, has been totally remodeled. The somewhat aging equipment has been replaced with state of the art apparatus that would be the envy of any gym I have ever trained in. After the new equipment arrived this week and was set up, I was blown away, which is saying a lot. After all, I’m 75 years old and have trained seriously all my life. After having lived and trained in four different countries and dozens of gyms, having won state championships in three different sports as well as national championships in power lifting, I know something about training, training equipment, and what constitutes a good gym.
My criteria for a good gym not only includes great equipment which will maximize the gains of your efforts, but also a friendly atmosphere which reflects the people you train around. At Santa Cruz Power Fitness, you will find everyone from teenagers to guys well into their eighties, from men and women who discovered at age 50 that their bodies need more attention than they get working on a computer to serious bodybuilders training for competitions. Most importantly, this is the only place I’ve known where diversity of age, race, gender, and ability creates a totally friendly and homogenous environment. Novices starting out often receive encouragement and help from more experienced trainees. Speaking of help, experienced personal trainers are available for those who feel they need and can afford them.
You want to make new friends? This is the place! You’re stressed and need something therapeutic? Save your money and turn your body into what you always thought it could be. This will produce newfound self-esteem, self-confidence, and the way you are perceived by your peers more effectively than sitting in a therapist’s office. Not to speak of the benefit to your health, which should be obvious.
Since I’ve never joined an aerobics class, for which a separate room is available, I can’t speak from personal experience. However, from sometimes watching the classes for a short period, everyone appears to enjoy a great time while getting a good cardio workout.
Naturally, I realize that my praise for the NEW Santa Cruz Power Fitness gym reads like a paid advertisement. Not at all! I’m a member who pays his monthly membership like everyone else and I don’t know the new owners personally. On the contrary, I drive a 40-mile round trip three times a week to work out there, which costs me more in gas than my membership. But to me, it’s worth it! No, the reason for this review is to give the new owners much-deserved recognition for doing such a fantastic job of turning what was, in my estimation, a good gym into a great one.

RENO, 8/14/2018